ATI's systems and solutions offer the greatest voice intelligibility and audibility in the market. Solutions are engineered to be stand-alone or integrated with existing solutions and technologies.

ATI leverages its in-house expertise and the latest telecommunication technologies, wired and wireless, with redundancies to ensure delivery of the quickest and most reliable response.

ATI offers many solutions, including:

Industrial emergency alarm systems
Military bases giant voice and indoor voice systems
Campus and K-12 alert systems
County and municipal public warning
Severe weather warnings
Tsunami warnings
Homeland security alert systems
Hurricanes and tornados warnings
Shipping port systems
Employee alarm systems
Nuclear power plant notification and alert systems
Dam failure alert systems
Rail-road yard alert systems
Fair-ground alert systems
Volunteer fire calls
Crowd control
Emergency evacuation
Civil defense systems
Golf course alert systems
Flood warnings
Tunnel alert systems
Corporate campus systems